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Among being one half of the harsh noise slasher duo ACTION/DISCIPLINE as well as the intimate field recorder KJOSTAD, Stefan Aune has been the figure behind the NEW FORCES label and zine for the past eight years. His ripping harsh-noise project BREAKING THE WILL has been alongside it from the get-go.

Active since 2010, BREAKING THE WILL has only recently entered the double-digit mark of a back catalog. A calculated no-nonsense approach of this nature is often missing in today's crop of noise artists. On this release the project continues to toe the line set by the preeminents of 90s/00s Japanoise: harsh static, rumble, crumble, shattered glass, piercing high-voltage feedback, rushing wires... but the cuts are less spastic than BTW's Japanese counterparts and the delivery becomes more severe when stripped of its clean nature and has the dirtiness of Americanoise applied to it.

BREAKING THE WILL is the American answer to PAIN JERK.

The project boasts splits with (North) American contemporaries such as AHLZAGAILZEHGUH, GNAWED, THE RITA and has seen releases on eminent labels like PHAGE TAPES and WHITE CENTIPEDE NOISE as well as on the relatively new imprint THOUSANDS OF DEAD GODS, not to mention the handful on NEW FORCES.

Aune knows what he is doing and it shows through the reserved execution of his projects and the aesthetic and efforts of his label. Hot off the heels of recent features in THE WIRE and SPECIAL INTERESTS magazines, and with an upcoming feature in the tell-it-as-it-is publication NOISE WIDOW, Stefan and NEW FORCES continue to make their mark and carry the torch for harsh noise in America.

C20. Edition of 101 copies pro-dubbed on matte black tapes.

BT. HN. - He is Risen CS

Pier Paolo Pasolini's "The Gospel According to Matthew" portrayed a Christ mythologized by two millennia of history and faith. "He is Risen" is 2000 years of the Christ-figure's crumbling decay.

BT. HN. is Sam McKinlay (THE RITA) and Josh Rose (SICK BUILDINGS).

C34. Edition of 102 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

LIMBS BIN - Pure Punishment CS

When I received copies of the first LIMBS BIN 7" in the mail from Josh Landes back in 2012 I honestly wrote it off after one listen, although the closing track, a cover of 'Fix Me', would have fit nicely on the 'This is Good: A Tribute to Black Flag' compilation tape from 2010 (on which the tracks from CLIMAX DENIAL and PUSDRAINER far outshine the doom-heavy acts filling out the rest of the tape). Listening back to the aptly-titled 'Primitive Response' now, 6 years later, I can still see what turned me off of it: I'm not very into noisecore, grindcore, noisegrind or any further combination of the two, I'm not very into bleeps and bloops, and I used to instantly respond to any remark in regards to calling something 'power violence' with a very succinct "No, it's not." While the release isn't entirely comprised of all those aforementioned elements - pure harsh noise is present in the midst of it all - there is enough of them to bar my interest. However, I can also now see that even from the first release LIMBS BIN had a certain vision and focus which over the next 5 years would shape the project into something I became quite fond of by the time I tuned in again. It took the '18 Rack Demo' (Torn Light, 2017) to get me back into the game.

On '18 Rack...' there is no longer any sign of fumbling around, the drum machine has become firing power rather than a simple mechanism for beats, and Landes gets right into it with some longer extended tracks of incessant high-pitched feedback, at times holding only a thin, warbling line, assaulted with spastic low-end blasting and a barrage of vocals reminiscent of early BASTARD NOISE at times, albeit smothered in savage distortion. These lengthier tracks are where the project shines and serve to counterbalance the shorter, violent blasts of power which can perhaps be seen as the trademark of the project. LIMBS BIN undoubtedly takes influence from not only the masters of higher-frequencies and those responsible for the filthy, rumbling carnage that is 80s/90 Italo noise and 90s Americanoise, but also from units synonymous with a different side of "90s" "American" "noise" a la AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and SUPPRESSION. Remember though, this is purely a one-man harsh noise crusade, not a band.

The two live recordings collected here showcase each side of the project. The A-side, recorded in February, is largely comprised of short blasts of chaos supplemented with incredible stage banter towards a joyous audience while the B-side, recorded in March, documents one long effort of THE RITA-Approved™ high-gain pleasure. Both sides were recorded direct from the board by yours truly in Montreal, QC. Video documentation of both events can be seen here: bit.ly/2KV1vfG

True dedication and humble passion are not often found in this world. Landes embodies both. His wit and esteem are key elements in the LIMBS BIN effort. While I am a bit ashamed of not keeping up with this project throughout the years and thus not being able to hear its progression in real-time, I am mostly excited for what the future has in store for Josh as he makes his way into the annals of the underground as America's Second Greatest Living Noise Artist.

C22. Edition of 102 copies pro-dubbed on matte black tapes.

THE NAUSEA - Requiem Aeternam CS

Anju Singh has been the primary figure behind the Vancouver Noise Festival for the past seven years, the drummer and vocalist in long-running (and now nearing fully-realized) death metal band AHNA, and has held countless other roles in the punk, metal, and harsh noise scenes in Vancouver. THE NAUSEA has existed alongside all of this for the better part of a decade now. These six violin-based movements channel GYORGY LIGETI's works popularized in "2001: A Space Odyssey", and JOHNNY GREENWOOD's contemporary classical score for "There Will Be Blood", as they both ascend to levels of compositional clarity and descend into a cavernous, hellish nightmare populated by the harrowing voices of the dead and the dying. Similarities can be drawn to JASON LESCALLEET's epic "The Pilgrim" as the crescendo of harsh noise begins to decay. Death is the ultimate theme at play here. A long-awaited debut release from a figure instrumental in maintaining Vancouver's integrity in the harsh noise scene and beyond.

Original artwork by Mark Orton (Skinny).

C28. First edition of 100 on pro-dubbed, pad-printed, sonic-smoke coloured tapes sold out. Second edition of 50 on pro-dubbed matte black tapes available.

ANDREW NOLAN - Background Music CS

Recycled fragments of larger elements. Heavy electronics and acoustic instruments. A transparent labeling of daily soundscapes. Musique concrète from the urban wasteland.

C30. Edition of 105 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

PRIMITIVE ISOLATION TACTICS - Past Spheres and Present Circles CS

"I first became aware of Taylor Geddes through his power violence band Subsist. It’s a genre that requires a precise alchemy to render something convincing and heartfelt- an elusive target that Geddes and Subsist managed to capture perfectly, elevating the conversation in the much discussed practice to something larger- something wounded but learning, vast but personal. In the years since, I’ve come to understand Geddes’ ability to hone ideas into a fine point in an age of blunt instruments. In the debut release by his new project Primitive Isolation Tactics, something lives within the layers of stutters and groans. Thickening hums are speckled with chirps and murmurs. Washes of static so rich you can feel them in your fingertips split open into a jagged space rattling with unnamable energies. Mountains questioning the storm clouds over rocky plateaus. Spitting fissures drinking in the earth’s crust. A solitary figure crouching at the lip of the pines watching rain fall on the fields." - Josh Landes (LIMBS BIN)

In-house project. Mixer feedback, field recordings, static ruminations.

C30. Edition of 107 pro-dubbed in real time on green tapes.

PYROX - Intersect CS

Abrasive waves of blown-out static executed with considered pacing.

PYROX is Alan Bloor (KNURL).

C40. Edition of 102 copies on professionally duplicated red rubine tapes.

WOOD & METAL - Aversions CS

Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma have both been involved in notable experimental and abrasive projects for over a decade at this point. Byrnes through his percussion and source material contributions to works by luminaries such as THE RITA and ZOLA JESUS, as well as collaborations William Hutson (CLIPPING.) and his own solo efforts; Mumma as a member of SISSY SPACEK alongside John Wiese, his UNEXAMINE duo with Danny Costa (COST, ROHIT), and as the former kit-man for KNELT ROTE.

In WOOD & METAL the two take a harsh noise approach to loosely structured improvised acoustic percussion. Exploring the sounds of wood and metal (yes) as they occur in natural (read: unamplified) states of assault and battery. This is a stripped down focus on what could be considered source material, but in no way is it a calm before a storm - it's a storm in its own right. Given the chaotic nature of these pieces it's no surprise that some previous works have been utilized by THE RITA and Chris Goudreau (SICKNESS), taking the next step in illustrating the dynamics between the before and after. This is harsh noise. Turn it up.

C32. Edition of 110 pro-dubbed in real time on green tapes.






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