French Market Press - November 2023 Update

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French Market Press - November 2023 Update

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New Grasping Machina - Obese

The supreme leader of the burgeoning New Jersey noise scene makes their debut onto French Market Press in dazzling fashion. New Grasping Machina trades their usual brand of harsh noise assault for a much stranger collage of stuttering loops & food-based sound sourcing on "Obese" without losing any of the anxiety-driven charm that has made the project a staple act on the live circuit for the past 2 years. Side B features an appearance from the legendary power electronics pervert Bad Man. Make sure you have a bag of chips & a soda nearby for this one.
Tape comes packaged in "ketchup splattered" envelope, with insert & custom paint job.

Fricker - Fricker

After a series of stellar performances in Philadelphia & the neighboring New Jersey area, Fricker has taken his knack for sound manipulation to the next level on this debut tape. Radio, mixer feedback & "wounded discs" collide into each other in such a way that cannot help but invoke feelings of a digital fever dream. If you let the world around you melt for long enough during this listen, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at the hints of beauty hidden underneath it all. Everything about this tape is captivating; from the packaging & artwork to the actual sounds present throughout its 30-minute runtime. Few debuts in recent memory have been as strong as this one. Cash in on Frickermania before it is inevitably too late.
Each tape comes attached to a mini diskette, complete with artwork & custom paint job.

Duplication Breedings - "Max & Johnny's Duplication Breedings"

French Market Press is excited to presenting this fantastic unity of the old & new guard freak noisers John Olson (Wolf Eyes, American Tapes) & Max Julian Eastman (Tantric Death, Tribe Tapes). This recording finds Olson's fried electronic mangling being treated through the turntable expertise of Eastman that ends up producing 36 minutes of the nastiest, lo-fi basement noise you will find this year. Side B comes with additional source from Texas noise juggernaut Respirator.
Each tape comes in a spray painted O-Card, with additional found artwork by Gen Ken Montgomery.

Concrete Bug - Concrete Bug

Concrete Bug is the duo of Dan Greenwood (Diagram:A, Proof of the Shooting) & K. Geiger (Dead Door Unit, Blemish). Recorded during the bleak month of December 2020, this tape brings the backwoods of New England and the ghostly boardwalks of the Jersey Shore together under a shared sense of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gross, home-built electronics meet icy synthesizer and tape loops. Sometimes the only way to make sense of the darkness is by embracing it.
Each copy of this tape is spray painted, and packaged in a Norelco case that has been treated with a popcorn ceiling finish. Original artwork in the insert by Dan Greenwood.

Individual tapes & full update can be ordered here:
Distros can reach out for wholesale prices here or at
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