NEW items in Chrome Peeler distro (doom/grind/black metal)

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NEW items in Chrome Peeler distro (doom/grind/black metal)

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Distro is located here:

If you love noisecore, mince and pure chaos this 6-way split is for you.

DAGTUM - "Revered Decadence" CD
Dissonant version of death metal from the Philippines. Unapologetically apathetic towards its listeners, it balances bone-crushing riffs, scathing dissonant screeches and a consistently bleak atmosphere to alienate its listeners sounding like a mix of Gorguts, Death, Immolation, Ulcerate. Something genuinely different that is sure to draw in fans of the weirder and eerie side of metal.

11 blaring tracks of pure drum and bass power violence all the way from Japan straight to your face... with a cool SORDO cover!

EHNAHRE - "The Scrape of a Keel" CD
Modern art music that challenges metal’s melodic presence in favor of tension, release, and chaos. As an Expressionistic entity, Ehnahre’s highly improvised, physical cue-based death/doom-esque metal presents a searing whirlwind of music theory textbooks and razor blades. A direct challenge to metal’s segmented stagnation.

EHNAHRE - "The Man Closing" CD
Ehnahre play dissonant, cerebral music that is rooted in death metal, but also throws the rulebook out the window. An earth-scorching fusion of hellish death-doom, blackened prog, avant-jazz and experimental modern music composition. Otherworldly heaviness that is immensely rewarding for the adventurous listener. For fans of KHANATE, KAYO DOT, CORRUPTED

GIANT KILLER - "Black Moon" CD
Scabrous noise-rock that tells the story of a half-man, half-giant seeking to avenge the death of his mother by killing the King of the Giants. Limited to 100 copies. A must have for fans of Bummer, Converge, Mastodon

TOTAL CEREAL - "noisecore for life" CD
This is primitive punk noisecore antagonism. A stream of unrelenting vocals, drums beat to shit, and pure fucking pain that fully embraces the ‘Noise Not Music’ rallying call. It sounds like a dump truck unloading a couple tons of bricks onto a trash compactor that’s crushing hundreds of television sets, all of them blaring white noise at maximum volume. Extreme music not for scene tourists.

Recorded in a cabin in a remote area of Wisconsin, Microfiche is the end product of a therapeutic artistic retreat. Serenity is evident throughout the instrumental release that’s rife with delicate finger-picking on soothing-yet-intricate songs. If the world is moving too fast and modern day atrocities have (justifiably) depleted your spirit, take about 35 minutes out of your day to relax, reflect, and embark on an aural getaway. Limited to 100 copies. RIYL: John Fahey, Robbie Basho

Unholy split between two horrific bands embracing a rotting frequency that will destroy and crumble all in it's path. VOID BLIGHT is Blackened Death Metal for fans of Portal and Incantation featuring members of Decoherence, Vølus and Acausal Intrusion. Reverb drenched dissonant guitars wail over pounding drums and hideous vocals. FILTHEATER returns with their classic old school death metal slaughter, channeling everything from Incantation bleakness to Demilich weirdness all warped through a twisted lens that is undeniably heavy and crushing.
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