Free (or Donation-Based) Mastering Services!

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Free (or Donation-Based) Mastering Services!

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My name is Devin Howe. I am a self-taught (and moderately serious) sound technician and recording engineer. Being that music is my passion and I am always looking for more projects to occupy myself (especially now, given some events in my life that I need to distract myself from), I wanted to extend an offer to the noise community to master tracks and albums for releases. As this is something that I enjoy doing, I do not request any sort of compensation. That being said, I am a young college student, so I would be very grateful for somebody even chipping-in for a cup of coffee. ;)

I think it also goes without saying that I would like to be credited for the mastering work. After all, I must remain accountable for my work.

As for the quality of my work, being a sound enthusiast, perfectionist, and obsessive, I stand by it. I have mastered a few releases thus far (see my Discogs artist page for details on that), and I have received positive responses from everyone involved. One artist even told me that my work was on-par with Grant Richardson's--a mighty compliment, as I greatly admire his work. I also tend to have pretty good turnaround time (often a day or two) if I'm not bogged-down with coursework. (I will make it known if I expect to take longer than that.)

Given all of that, I see no downside of sending your tracks to me to have them mastered. Of course, if you don't like the results, no hard feelings! I welcome feedback, and I won't gripe with you if you decide to sweep my master(s) under the rug.

If you are interested, message me on here, and we'll talk.
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