Asian live coding and noise

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Asian live coding and noise

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Randomly saw a live coding performance of a dude called Tsun Winston Yeung who has a PhD in Music Composition during my stay at a hotel in Hong Kong. Didn't expect this at all so I just went in and I was impressed by the visuals which came with the coding noise music.

Audio Recording

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Re: Asian live coding and noise

Post by holy ghost »

I don’t know anything about coding but this is wildly interesting stuff!! Would love to hear more.

So like… instead of working in a DAW he’s doing this by manually entering code in a terminal window in real time? I’m literally baffled by how that’s actually done.
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Re: Asian live coding and noise

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Interesting article about the live coding/algorave scene: ... ing-on-the

Makes sense that it's largely originated in Sheffield/South Yorkshire given its long running heritage in abstract electronic music, e.g. Cabaret Voltaire, Warp Records, Mark Fell et al. I've encountered some of this stuff done before in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds (about an hour's drive away) and though it wasn't really my thing sonically/visually, it was refreshing to observe that most of its performers were women!
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Re: Asian live coding and noise

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Apologies for the swerve but there was a post up a while back that had updates on the noise releases from Japan, anyone know what it was called?
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