Infibulation CD/Tapes

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Infibulation CD/Tapes

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Infibulation - Abysmal Providence cds for sale

Quote from Breathing Problem Productions -
Infibulation plays decrepit post mortem power electronics heavily influenced by mid 90s era Taint.. This cd is one of the best things we've heard in years . Totally ugly and atmospheric.. it creeps up and engulfs the listener with dread and nausea.. Some art censored for posers. Extreme electronic art and music ! Acquire with due caution!

Cd -

https://breathingproblemproductions.big ... vidence-cd

Shirts -

https://breathingproblemproductions.big ... -pre-order

Digital download - ... providence

International orders - please message me at if you have any interest in a copy. I also have copies of some of the early Infibulation material that you can order from me directly. Some of these items include:

Infibulation - Infibulation (demo)
Infibulation - Commissary of Cruelty
Infibulation - In Your Guts
Infibulation - Deliverance
Infibulation - Rodeside Prey
Infibulation - Live Exploitation
Infibulation - Live Rehearsal '23
Infibulation/Dead Door Unit split
Infibulation/Almshouse split
Infibulation - Hypervigilant

Again, message me at -

If you're interested in any of this shit.
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