Altar Of Flies – Återblick 3LP (White Centipede Noise 2022)

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Altar Of Flies – Återblick 3LP (White Centipede Noise 2022)

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Altar Of Flies – Återblick
Thought some words about this one might be warranted. Am I right that some possibly receptive ears might be apprehensive about the scale of the release and the associated postage costs? I want to advocate for it then – it’s absolutely worth the investment of time and coin. Over here in Australia it found a very welcome home.

I. Inblick
A1 I Mitt Rum Är Jag En Del Av Allt

Oblivious subdued looping gestures quickly trodden on by scattering gunk, eventually completely enveloping these calmer twists before losing steam and tripping over itself. Dual lines in operation for most of the action for laudable intelligibility. No chance of being enveloped in swarming lines of scatter here, you can watch each dirty strike with unconditional transparency. A polite fade out.
A2 Ensamt Och Stilla
Modest machine-like lurching movements, joined in an instant by static fuzz switched on and left to operate while the hungover and distracted user ducks out to the shitter. In panic, the apparatus is remembered, and an attempt is made at halting operation with limited success. Squealing high tones result, until a churning cloud of activity settles into a broken process. The failing contraptions stumble to a close of their own volition.
B Lätta, Lätta Andetag
Openings reveal engaging tactile actions rubbing and scraping over a gross bed of hum. Proceedings then settle into genuinely tasty extended passages of metal object manipulation and attendant feedback, very gradually pulling back and washing out into almost psychedelic isolated and twisted thumps.

II. Överblick
C Avvikelser

Even more dilapidation, pushing into straight up severe noise churn and grind. Tape saturated to fuck, incoming signal to no longer be represented in a linear fashion. This colours the action just as much as the cowering distorted signals of the source gestures. As obnoxious as this monster has been so far, and a near side long wipe out only offering respite in its final moments, when a piece of aging furniture in need of WD-40 sits squealing in the corner.
D1 Tystnaden Efter Dig (Mellanspel)
Oscillating vibrations clearly not enjoying the company of a lobbed article incessantly striking nearby furniture. A comparatively brief passage.
D2 Riva Ner, Bygga Upp
A real fucking beast, and maybe the most crucial of the action here. Gestures that feel awfully familiar, but somehow not entirely placeable. Rattling car keys? Airconditioning drone? The motion of larger iron objects? It doesn’t matter, it’s fine to let it go as succulent concrète. There’s a real sense of purpose and forward momentum, pushing with time into contaminated crumble housed in a sadly passing tape recorder.

III. Återblick
E1 Dämningsgräns (Allt Är Här Och Nu)

Tactile electronics churn and flicker in another comparatively brief excursion.
E2 Vintern Kommer In
A subdued entrance of minor movement and restrained hum, feeling just fine until some pissed neighbour decides this is an opportune moment to get a hard rubbish collection together. Creepy delays emerge in response, and the aggravating dehydrated fucker retreats inside allowing the weird wonk some space.
F Minnen Och Ekon
A pleasing concluding blow out of shit-caked electronics and cycling vehemence. The second half of this might be amongst the cream of AOF; consummate rough audio violence devoid of chest puffer posturing. It’s sad when the tape finally dies.

Nystrand’s liner notes are endearing too, and a further reason to grab the physical release. His account of a first meeting with Gustafsson makes me wish I was hanging out in Mjölby back in 2008 too.

Go on bite the bullet: ... -pre-order
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Re: Altar Of Flies – Återblick 3LP (White Centipede Noise 2022)

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Cool write up - thanks!
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