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Re: Prurient thread

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Was lucky enough to see Prurient (with the long hair) opening for Xiu Xiu on the Women as Lovers tour. Show was crazy good and have been a supporter since. Love the diversity in the output, and am pretty well versed in the Vatican Shadow catalog as well.

To this day Bermuda Drain is still my favorite release from the project.
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Re: Prurient thread

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Ineffable Slime wrote: Tue Jun 28, 2022 11:47 am the Bermuda Drain release show with Wes Eisold playing with Dom was really sick,it captured the energy he was trying to do on the record. I think at the time people perceived it as a "change" in the sound versus a one off experiment, in the long run it's just an oddity in the discography that has a few jammers but also kinda dated sounding.
21st century rev and vega vibes, woulda been cool to see live but the record is kinda goofy
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