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Noise and some metal for sale

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Trying to sell in lots so i don't have to mail hundreds of packages. Most of these are in excellent shape.

6 releases for $30. $4 each additional. Postage paid, U.S. only please. I will edit out stuff that sells.

1188 - First Process [C60 Waterpower]
A Machine Called Orgasm - Daddylove [C32 Total Fucking Filth]
A Machine Called Orgasm - Dedicated To Max Hardcore [CDr Dumping Ground Recordings]
A Machine Called Orgasm - The Beauty Degraded [CDr Life Is Easy]
A Night To Dismember - Salmonella, Chains And Plastic Cadavers [C46 Worthless Recordings]
Actuary / Lost Appeal - Actuary / Lost Appeal [CS DIY Noise]
Adderall Canyonly - Limits Of All Known Ice [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Albert Fish Is My Hero - Lesopolosa [C21 Total Fucking Filth]
Andy Ortmann - Narcissism Is The New N Word [CS Dismantle Records]
Ashley Blues / Vomir - Split [C60 Worthless Recordings]
Astromason + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Endless Black [C31 Worthless Recordings]
Atrax Morgue - Omicidio [7" Bloodlust!]
Bad Algorithm - 2099/Moravian Handgun [C40 Not On Label]
Bad Algorithm - Dead Whale Parts [CS Not On Label]
Bad Algorithm - Tongues [CS Worthless Recordings]
Bad Algorithm / Glasgow Smile - Split [CS Not On Label]
Bee Spit - Interloper [C60 Honolulu Radio Arts]
Bee Spit - Principia [C15 Honolulu Radio Arts]
Bee Spit - Scrambled EEGs [C60 Honolulu Radio Arts]
Bee Spit - Watery Grave [CDr Not On Label]
Bee Spit / The Rites Of Wall - Untitled [CDr Palemoon Productions]
Blood Of Sokar - Self Titled [C38 Lighten Up Sounds]
Bloodwall - The Smell Of Burning Anti-Freeze [C40 Lighten Up Sounds]
Bloodwall - Tonic [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Boar - Dead Existence [CD Breaching Static]
Boar - Teen Cribs [C20 Rainbow Bridge]
Broken Spirit - Falling Apart [C60 Worthless Recordings]
Broken Spirit - Medicated [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Burial Ground - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [2xC34 Not On Label]
Burial Ground - The Exorcist [C62 Not On Label]
Burial Ground / Bloodcraving - The House On The Edge Of The Park [CDr Meat Hook Butchery]
Cadaver In Drag - Church Burner [C24 Husk Records/Blood Red Cassettes]
Cages - Anti Realist [CS Dod Univers]
Carrion Black Pit / Lethe (3) / Folter (2) / Hearse Fetish - Crimes Of Passion [C90 Worthless Recordings]
Carrion Black Pit / Nascitari - The Conqueror Worm [C60 Forever Escaping Boredom]
Cheek Biting / The Haters - Cheek Biting / The Haters [C41 Forever Escaping Boredom]
Clear Fluids - Music Of The Spheres [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Clear Fluids - Self Titled [C10 Lighten Up Sounds]
Clear Fluids - Sicariidae [C20 Lighten Up Sounds]
Clive Henry - Day Of The Woman [C80 Worthless Recordings]
Cold Comfort - Betafever [VHS Worthless Recordings]
Cold Comfort - Brief Moments Of Clarity [VHS Worthless Recordings]
Coma Centauri / Creature Feature - Split [C24 Worthless Recordings]
Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water - Split [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Cory Strand - River's Edge: A Reinterpretation [4xCDr Altar Of Waste]
Crown Of Bone / Carrion Black Pit - Split [C70 Worthless Recordings]
Cruelty - Self Titled [C36 Lighten Up Sounds]
Crystal Plumage - Seventh Circle [C40 2:AM Tapes]
Cyber Bully / Street Trash - Split [C30 Total Fucking Filth]
Dead Body Collection / Persistence In Mourning - Ritualistic Reanimation [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Deadbeat - Source Tape For Deviant Behavior [C15 Total Fucking Filth]
Deadbeat - Source Tape For Dirty Old Men [CS I Hate Tapes]
Deadbeat - Source Tape For Lonely Nights [C40 Worthless Recordings]
Deadmoths - Deadmoths [C32 Die Rot In California]
Deadmoths - Disinclined Beings [C22 Worthless Recordings]
Death Factory - Chilling Impressions [CS No Visible Scars]
Deign - Huckster [CS Out Of Body Records]
Disma - The Lost Vault Of Chaos [CD Necroharmonic / Doomentia Records]
Disma - Towards The Megalith [CD Profound Lore Records]
Doggerella Decided Upon - Soggy Samsonite [C61 Lighten Up Sounds]
Drag Age - Mask Of A Crushed Insect [C12 Out Of Body Records]
En Nihil - The Approaching Dark [CD Eibon Records]
Encoffination - Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead [CS Parasitic Records]
Exit In Grey - Storms [CS Abgurd]
Fantasy Island / Hadals - Split [CS Tapes Of A Neon God]
Filth - Psychic Voyeur [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Fingers Of The Embalmer - Dissection Of Order [C60 Worthless Recordings]
Fissures - On Frozen Wastes [C62 Worthless Recordings]
Flesh Coffin - Devil Worship In The Slaughterhouse [C30 Out Of Body Records]
Folter / Light Collapse - Folter / Light Collapse [C62 Hair On My Food Tapes]
Folter / Oblive - Split [C45 Burial Recordings]
Forecast - Forecast [C60 Crystal Lake Tapes]
Four Flies - L'Intrigo [C40 Hair On My Food Tapes]
Fur Of Heaven - Fur Of Heaven [C12 Worthless Recordings]
Gatecreeper / Homewrecker / Outer Heaven / Scorched - 4 way [CD Unspeakable Axe Records]
Goblintropp - Tunnels Under The Forest [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Golden Oldies - Volume 1 [C96 Crystal Lake Tapes]
Graham Baldwin - Black Book Run On [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
HHL - God's Gift Destroyed [CS Not On Label]
HHL - Nature Recoils [C28 Worthless Recordings]
Hadals - Teenage Retirement Village For Dropouts B/W Shocker, Silkk The [C15 Worthless Recordings]
Hadals / Knoll / Blsphm / Gezoleen - Hadals / Knoll / Blsphm / Gezoleen [CS Tapes Of A Neon God]
Haemorrhaging Fetus - Women [C20 Skeleton Dust Recordings]
Igloo Martian - Outsider [CS Mercat Records]
Igloo Martian / Bud Cort (2) - Split [C32 Worthless Recordings]
Jason Zeh - Jitters [C32 Chondritic Sound]
Justin Rhody & Matthew Himes - Romantic Love [CS Lighten Up Sounds] - [C10 Total Fucking Filth] - True White Killer [C10 Total Fucking Filth]
King County - Day Of Service [CDr Pent Up Release]
Kouta Yamamoto - Deadly Spawn [CDr Busey Teeth CDr]
Lace - Breaking The Will [C34 Worthless Recordings]
Land - The Container [C36 Lighten Up Sounds]
Lovebrrd - Three Nights [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Maniac Cop - Pt. 1 [CS Ascetic House]
Mannequins - Untitled [C25 Worthles Recordings]
Marax / Coma Centauri - Coerced To Pull The Trigger [C60 Worthless Recordings]
Men Of Science - Antiseptic [C44 Lighten Up Sounds]
Metallica - Ride The Lightning [CD]
Mole Hole - Pangea [C90 Lighten Up Sounds]
Mole Hole - Withdrawal Symptoms [C35 Worthless Recordings]
Mshing - Interfering With A Corpse [C26 Worthless Recordings]
Mutant Video - Missing Fingers [CS Iron Lung Records]
Mytrip - Scattered I [CS Worthless Recordings]
NASA Voyager Recordings - Symphonies Of The Planets Volume One [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Neon Sea - Fading Light [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Nervous Corps - Neglect [C40 Crystal Lake Tapes]
Niedowierzanie - Lumiere [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Nocturnus - The Key [CD Earache Records]
Noisewerrrrk - Anti-Modernist Electronics [CS Nil By Mouth Recordings]
Novasak / Human Fluid Rot / Fail / Vasectomy Party - 4 way split [2xC42 Forever Escaping Boredom]
Obituary - The End Complete [CD R/C Records]
Office Skin - Slough [C18 Lighten Up Sounds]
Overscan - Time Erases Memory [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
PRISONFOOD / I Died - Happy Birthday, I Died [C29 Pent Up Release]
Plack Blague - Night Trax Remixes [CD Phage Tapes]
Preyocupado - Characters Of A Calendar [CS Lighten Up Sounds]
Putrisect / Scorched - Final State Of Existence [CD Unspeakable Axe Records]
Rape Victim Revenge - I Kill Rich Cunts [C30 Crystal Lake Tapes]
Rat Catching - Tristia [C20 Worthless Recordings]
Raven - The Earth Dies Screaming [C20 Worthless Recordings]
Raven - Victims [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Redrot - Redrot [C78 Chondritic Sound]
Remnants - Suspension [C28 Tycho Magnetic Anomalies]
Remnants - The Process [C25 Worthless Recordings]
Repeater - Beyond Any Hope Of Mercy [C90 Recurring Themes] has the original case but it's broken
Scorched - Echoes Of Dismemberment [CD Unspeakable Axe Records]
Scott Miller / Lee Camfield / Merzbow - No Closure [CS Wands]
She Said No - Rejection And Isolation [C10 Worthless Recordings]
She Said No / Prozak Maurice* / Nun Data* / BBBlood - Shitnoise Is Gold Vol. 3 [C40 Filth Is My Life]
Shit Castle - Mutant Transsexual Telegrams And Strict Religious Training [C20 Worthless Recordings]
Shit Castle - Rat Cult And The Sore Throat Werewolves [C62 Worthless Recordings]
Shiver - They Will Feed On Us [CS Diazepam]
Sick Seed - Man And Machine [7" Turgid Animal]
Sindre Bjerga - Radiant Flux [C44 Lighten Up Sounds]
Sleep , Authority - Split [CS Okto Media]
Smut Mag - Smut Mag [C60 Total Fucking Filth]
Stepfather - Dildo Affair [C20 Total Fucking Filth]
Strange Notes / Sweet On You - The Most Beautiful Woman In Town [C10 Worthless Recordings]
Suddenly Seymour - Skid Row [C60 Worthless Recordings]
Taklamakan - Crematorium [C40 Hair On My Food Tapes]
Tallow Glee - Campfire Thrillers [C30 Crystal Lake Tapes]
Teenage Strangler - A Teenage Strangler Drive-In Double Feature [C32 Life Is Easy]
Tenebrious / Ascetic Hedonism - Split [C40 Worthless Recordings]
The Black Scorpio Underground - The Black Scorpio Underground [C20 Worthless Recordings]
The Howling Head - Wrong Way [C10 Lighten Up Sounds]
Three Walls - Radio One Radio Two [C58 Lighten Up Sounds]
Unknown Artist - Green [CS Pent Up Release]
Vacio Perfecto - El Despoblador [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Various - Noise Junkies XYZ [2xCS Hip Replacement Tapes]
Various - Relapse Singles Series Vol. 3 [CD Relepse Records]
Various - Rough-Hewn [C32 Chondritic Sound]
Vasectomy Party - The Wulfgar Command II [C32 Forever Escaping Boredom]
Vassbotn - Noe Å Snakke Om [C62 Worthless Recordings]
Vat - A Pile Over There / Spoiled Milk Panties [C30 Monorail Trespassing]
Vilgoć / Sleep Column - Split [C47 Worthless Recordings]
Vision Stains - Æon [C43 Bookend Recordings]
Visitor - III [C32 Lighten Up Sounds]
Vomir - Consolament Bruitiste Part 1 [C40 Quagga Curious Sounds]
Vomir - Untitled [CS Forever Escaping Boredom]
Vomir / Crucifix Eye - Split [C40 Forever Escaping Boredom]
Vomir / Wet Dream Asphyxiation - Split [C30 Sounding Session]
Weeping Swords - Death Wins Every War [C40 Worthless Recordings]
Weeping Windows - Self Titled [C36 Lighten Up Sounds]
Wicked King Wicker - The Destruction Ritual [C45 Waves Of Decay]
With Prejudice - Drunk On Fuck [CS Depravity Label]
With Prejudice - Our Never Is Always [CS At War With False Noise]
Worn Vessel - The Refuse Of Nature [C30 Worthless Recordings]
Yamamoto, Shōji - Shiiin [C42 Worthless Recordings]
Zenta Sustained - Rooftop Snipers [CDr Life Is Easy] comes in a 7" record sleeve that's missing, easily replaceable
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