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Re: Noise/industrial documentaries

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Does anyone know if the short Guilty Connector documentary is online anywhere? I can't remember the title exactly, but it was some combination of adjectives like "dirty", "crazy", "fast", "loud" or similar terms... I guess it was approx. 10 minutes in length with interviews and live stuff. Some great footage from what I remember.

I had it saved somewhere, but it has to be on a disembodied laptop HD buried somewhere in my room. I can't begin to guess where I tucked it away.
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Re: Noise/industrial documentaries

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todays WCN episode reminded me of this, a documentary about bands around Brownhill Mafia

"Brownhill Mafia, a small underground record label from southeastern Finland, or a backwoods cult akin to 60’s hippie communes? Guided by musicians belonging to the collective, Pyry Ojala’s homevideolike documentary "Hymn to Fire" explores the answer to this question."

EDIT: just after I wrote this, Pyry started to talk about it on WCN podcast, oh
But he was always more concerned with making his guitar sound like a dying horse, more than anything else.
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Re: Noise/industrial documentaries

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Voice Crack "Kick That Habit" is great. Oh someone put the whole thing online now: - harsh Noise, rough music and circuit bending since 2000ad - Dungeon Noise - Intergalactic noise/music - Psychogeographic noise synths
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