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Recluse Activity // Ossemaan - "As We Drown Beneath Petals" // Dreams - "Bad Dream"

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2023 12:06 am
by ChicagoAnimal
A new update from Recluse Activity is in effect. Stay tuned or miss out. This isn't TMZ.

Out Now

Ossemaan - As We Drown Beneath Petals CD

"The return of Ossemaan. A very leftfield collection of tones spanning from triumphant to pensive across these pieces and others more sky-high. Full spectrum, organic, loose music with a number of serious turns. Record store talk could perhaps lot this between Henry Flynt, Lloyd Miller, and Double Leopards spun through a digital blender. More poetically put, urgent and necessary music of the moment." ... ath-petals

Out Next...Sometime in the coming week.

Dreams - Bad Dream CS

"Two sides of nocturnal tormenting surreal noise from this new Reno, NV project. Something like a cross between American crunch and outsider-NRG. Recorded, edited, and researched for over a year - this is an educated debut. Weird noise combating the stream of normality."