Rural Isolation Project: Rudolf. Eb.Er, Steve. Marsh, Hanzo Hasashi

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Rural Isolation Project: Rudolf. Eb.Er, Steve. Marsh, Hanzo Hasashi

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September Update

Rudolf Eb.Er - Hexenmilch lp
Intense study for vocal and tape manipulation was a. founding member of the outsider art group Schimpfluch in 1987 and starting somewhere in the late ‘80s released some of the strangest music ever made as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck. Spine tingling blood art from the great Yoshihiro Kikuchi adorns this super sleek white vinyl lp. “Final part of the trilogy Hexenholze - Hexenlathe - Hexenmilch. Play not as loud, but get naked, hold a broom between your legs, jump and fly and yell "Hik! Hik! Hik!". — Rudolf Eb.Er

Steve Marsh. - Megalithic Weather Corporation cd
Dense piano and electronic composition from this long serving veteran of many psychic wars. Maybe all of them. A dip into the catacombs with Lustmord and then over to the shop with Neubauten to build some sort of instrument that uses springs and compressed air to generate sound. Many here are missing digits and speak only German. A musician, producer, and artist, specializing in experimental and psychedelic formats.

Hanzo Hasashi - Dialogues With Myself cd
Ultra-involved and complicated cut-up noise from a mysterious shadow character that plays it close to the vest. Heavy Japanese '90's sense pressed through a chilly Eastern European central nervous system. Picking up threads Endo put down and diving out of a skyscraper window editing all the way down to the ground. So great.

Boiled Owl - Boiled Alive cd
Another mystery project from out of the middle of nowhere Texas. If someone were to hand me this cd and tell me it crawled out of the early ’80’s Broken Flag dirtbag swamp I'd probably believe it. A bit like TNB if they didn't throw furniture or a less fun Ferial Confine. Layered feedback and murky acoustic instruments recorded in a sweltering garage during the worst summer ever.

$10 each for the cds
$14 for the Lp
or $35 for all of it.
Only at
Scream And Writhe (Canada)
Old Europa Cafe (Italy)
And more to come!
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Re: Rural Isolation Project: Rudolf. Eb.Er, Steve. Marsh, Hanzo Hasashi

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For all the EU people Hanzo Hasashi's album is now available also at ... ith-myself
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