NEW in Chrome Peeler Rec. distro: black metal, d-beat, pv

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NEW in Chrome Peeler Rec. distro: black metal, d-beat, pv

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NEW in Chrome Peeler distro @

DISOVIET - "Capital Can't Solve Crisis" CD
With a sound firmly rooted in Discharge-inspired hardcore, DISOVIET delivers five more truncheon strikes of ear-splitting hardcore punk. Combining the catchy, crusty riffs and rhythms of Swedish hardcore with pit-clearing mid-paced parts, wrapping it up in a bruisingly thick recording that doesn’t skimp on the bottom end.

DISOVIET - "Lessons In Dialectics" CD
A blast of ear-wrecking raw crusty d-beat! Concussive, corrosive, cathartic and scorching enough to spark a dumpster fire, you’ll lap this up if you love rancid-smelling and gutter-dwelling crust.

Dontcryformeimalreadydead - "s/t" CD
Emoviolence/screamo served up fast, frantic, menacing, chaotic, nerve-wrecking and dark. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. RIYL: Jeromes Dream, Saetia

Dontcryformeimalreadydead - Live at Thrillhouse Rec 3/19/23 tape
Pound your fists in the air to this live set of furious swarms of claustrophobic chords, a relentless dynamic tide of a creatively chaotic punk band. Screamo/skramz in its rawest of forms.

MERKED - "s/t" CD
Oakland sludgy powerviolence devastation with a penchant for manic grind! Seventeen tracks of pummeling, heavy, slow, and brutal followed by relentless and fast riffs, very few of which break even the one-minute mark. For fans of NO LESS, IN DISGUST.

MERKED - "Murk Mob" CD
Untiring barrage of brutality, one that proves itself more nuanced than most. The tracks are short bouts of distilled rage akin to the adrenaline-fuelled realms of grindcore, powerviolence and hardcore punk, but their sound is also informed by the murky undergrowth of sludge.

SINN DEMONISK - "Humanity's Cycle" CD
A deft mix of abrasive crust-punk and high-test black metal obsessed nihilism splayed over taut and razor-sharp odes to negativity. Intense, minimalist and unrelenting, the raw, abrasive style of blackened crust escalates a feeling of dread to the violence of sound. RIYL: Ildjarn, Bone Awl
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