A Fail Association - Mirror | Meditation

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Joie de la Blumpy
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A Fail Association - Mirror | Meditation

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Exceedingly pleasant “unpleasant audio” circa Feb/March 2020. Imagine for the moment that a species of sound art called “unstoppable white-hot fury” is your bag. Imagine that. Then let’s…just…slice it up, just a tad, just the barest of tads. Or possibly not. Possibly, leave that white-hot fury to, uh, fury-or-rize. Leave it there. Furyorizing. Let it get pretty severe, very slightly blown-out but no not quite, edging to that singe-grade brutality. That scorch-grade singe-ality. That…

Well, to the inevitable question, is there to be any relent in the proceedings? And to that the answer would have to be in the negative. No relent. No stopping. There is a Mirror, split into two. And there is a Meditation, split into four. Does any of this fucking matter? Of course it does. For example, toward the end of the Mirror the first, things just decompose and crumble into fecal burnout. Then Mirror the second blasts forth with all speed, sea-shell backwash percolations accelerating along the right ear whilst the left indulges the minutiae, minute crystalline shriek-flecks, converging into a central, ah, ka-blewy. A whole fucking mess of the ka-blewies, ka-blewing the ka-blew-hole till the ka-blewies come home, pick-axed hammering pierce-drilling singe-ing new vistas of ear-raped oblivia, even as the eye is drawn toward the instructions:

Jason, play loud while breathing slowly

Like. Are you fucking kidding me?
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Re: A Fail Association - Mirror | Meditation

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Great review !
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Re: A Fail Association - Mirror | Meditation

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Greg is on a fucking tear with this one. White-hot fury if there ever was any! This tape annihilates most others. Unrelenting.
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